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I am an idiot GH5 user… but I’m not the only one!

So I bought V-Log finally for my GH5 camera - and that wasn't easy! (but that's another story - I've added at the end).  But how could I get it to work???

Why I am an idiot:

I followed every hastily written or edited instructional article and video I could find and none of it seemed to show me how to replicate what I was seeing in the pictures and videos - no matter how well written (like this one: http://www.4kshooters.net/2017/04/10/panasonic-gh5-how-to-install-v-log-l-footage/ ) . Because all of those videos and articles assumed that you were not stupid, like me - or assumed that you already had a level of knowledge, that you in fact do not... yet. Apologies, if you are not as stupid as me. Laugh at my idiocy! But here's where I went wrong when trying to access the Creative video modes...

So let me hlep you out and point out where I went wrong and many others, on forums and redit threads seem to also go wrong when trying to get V-Log working.


See the Green circle above - enclosing the white mark - that is where you need to line up the items on the revolving dial, to activate the Creative Video mode (With the movie camera and M symbol) from the 'Drive mode dial'. And do not line it up with the 'One/off' button white line (enclosed by a red circle in the image above), as I was doing and many other users seem to be doing!

Then, if you've correctly installed V-Log, you will magicaly see it appear!

In my defence - I have not finished going through the manual. I bought my camera from a Swedish retailer and sadly only got Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish manuals. So sadly I am trying to work my way through an English manual which I only have in PDF format. So this is a classic moment where men should read the manual first, before trying to fudge their way through it, as I was very clearly doing! Had I done that I may have remembered the little white dot and not got it completely the wrong way around.

So it's great that I can finally play with V-Log and shoot my movie and carry out some pre-production tests!

Re getting V-Log - the saga:

Normally I try to set my default settings for camera useage and shop sites to English, because most people deliberately set the language of such sites to the regional default. My Swedish isn't yet good enough to happily follow technical subjects - although I can carry on brief conversations with barmen when ordering a pint. I found that I was unable to buy V-Log from the Panasonic UK website, as I no longer have a UK address. I couldn't order it directly from the Swedish Panasonic website either!  So I had to buy it from a local Swedish retailer.

The package then has to be issued by Panasonic and shipped to the retailer who then packages it up for you! This meant that I was waiting over two weeks for the activation code, from the point of purchase, as these retailers do not keep them in stock.

Then when it arrived, it was not sent to my actual address. It was sent to a random Post depot, where I had to go to sign for it, producing my ID and then receiving a ridiculously large and very light box. Said box, upon opening, reveals another box within - wrapped up better than you would wrap a piece of expensive glassware - and inside that is a small manual and a black envelope. Overkill indeed! See it all pictured below...


I appreciate that V-Log is expensive and highly desirable. And it is necessary to avoid people sharing the codes and trying to circumvent official channels etc. But surely they can find a way to mail you an envelope to your door? The average postie won't have a clue what the package contains... and god help you if you need V-Log in a hurry for an urgent shoot! You'd be better off borrowing it in advance to avoid waiting!

But no it's not a sustainable / environmentally friendly process and it will generate plenty of needless packaging...


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