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Scrivener for IOS is here!

Scrivener is here! It's finally here on IOS! Holy buttschnozzles of Awesome! 🙂


Now I've blogged about Scrivener here before, and I think that the first time I ever blogged about it was when I first created this blog back in 2009, if not before - in other previous social media incarnations - and this won't be the last time I mention it or praise this fabulous writing tool. I'm also not alone in my praise of it! I'm always gushing over it and I've even put my money where my mouth is and gifted other friends of mine with licenses to it, to pay for it for them, so that they can experience the amazing new world of writing that happens when they start using it. (Take note: software packages are great presents for writers at Birthdays and on other special occasions. Hint Hint!) But I won't waste time saying why it's so good here. But you can search this blog and you'll find many posts about this hollistic writing tool. 🙂

Although I was an instant convert to it, upon my first usage, I was very quick to realise that I could be far more productive if it was in a more portable form - as my 15" laptops were always too heavy to lug around each day (due to needing the hardware for video editing). I even took to creating a Hacbook to put the theory to the test - and bought a small netbook and installed the Mac OS and Scrivener on it. I managed to complete an entire feature screenplay on it, while taking part in ScriptFrenzy; I wrote while balancing the Hacbook on one knee while writing on the way to and from work, and in my lunch hours each day. The Hacbook was small enough to write with on cramped trains and on small economy class airplane seats, even when someone in front is reclining! The only thing that was missing was having it on an approved Apple portable device that I could afford. The problems with the Hacbooks you see was that they were not approved and every software update meant a complete reinstall, so eventually it simply became obsolete. But I was still writing on that Hacbook right up until 2 years ago when I bought my first iPad! Once I had the iPad I tried various workarounds and replacement apps, but I was merely killing time for when the real thing would arrive, although I still love writing on the move.

And the fine makers of Scrivener were quick to realise the potential of their tool on such portable devices. The problem was that it wasn't a quick journey to bring that idea to fruition. In fact there were many posts on the Literature and Latte forums devoted to the progress of the development of the IOS tool or lack of. There were numerous false starts. But I'm glad to say that they persevered and now it is availble to buy: Scrivener - live on the Apple store!

I've downloaded it and it works fine. Although it was impossible to find on the Apple store, without the direct link (above). I'm sadly not yet going to put it through its paces on a working project, but I couldn't resist a little play with it to make my day complete. However, if I was in the right creative headspace for it I'd be planning my next feature film in it... in fact, I may just start noodling ayway - it's that tempting!

Please note: if you own the Desktop versions, you should have the latest versions in order to benefit from the syncing functionality. I've had problems installing the Windows update and still not cracked in after 2 attempts. But the Mac update was fine. You'll also need Dropbox to take advantage of the syncing your projects across multiple devices.

Anyway, enough of me prattling on. Check it out. I hope you'll thank me. 🙂

Here's some links for more info:


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