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It starts with a desk…

I'm excited. I've just moved into my new house. It's a three bedroom house 'in a much quieter area' - allegedly. As a result, I now have a studio again! In fact, I'm so excited, I want to mock myself and say 'Oh, a 'studio'!' in a terribly uncool, camp falsetto - to mock the usage of the term and make me check myself. But regardless, I am excited. Very excited. Why?

Studio view - trees

The view from my new office window

It's been 2 years and 10 months since I've had a dedicated place to write or edit films. I've missed it. But I've not wasted that time by mourning it and not creating. But the loss of it has had an impact. It's meant that many times I've been wasting creative effort, trying to block out other people's noise with headphones and use music and auditory meditation techniques to try to focus through all of life's distractions and achieve something; and being aware that I've been less productive as a result of that wasted energy. It's not easy doing that, at least not for me. It also meant that I couldn't just leave papers or notes around and have things set up for the next day of work. I had to pack that away to tackle the stuff I actually needed for my day job, or because it was messing up the one-room apartment I've been living in for that entire time. That meant that if a few days would go between work on a project you had to spend time to get back into the project, to re-immerse yourself in the notes and find your place before resuming work, for the day job - and often then running out of time again! This has made it nigh on impossible to work on any significant feature scripts or my novels in that time. Especially as the day job can result in me having to down tools for many days, to pull unusual long working hours for my clients. And that re-immersion can be draining and demotivating.

Anyway, all that should be a bit easier once I have a place to work. Right? There should be a lot more struck things, while Irons were hot. Right? Let's hope. So I have a room, which currently has my old desk and computer setup, and will soon hold an extra new motorised IKEA standing desk that I've drooled over for 3 years and could finally afford. Then I just need some storage for all of my writing books and film equipment. I have a stool arriving in a week, for when I don't want to stand all of the time or just need to change things up by adjusting the height of the desk for a small change of scenery.

Eventually there will be other improvements and embellishments, to make this place feel more like a studio. Including the addition of a corkboard like thing for attaching Index cards, to better analyse plots and restructure stories etc. But these will not delay the writing process. The important thing here is DO THE WORK. And not to spend time thinking of other things you don't really need and letting that get in the way of doing the actual work. Which as for writers, we know is a tempting proposition. Procrastination is our go-to.

DO THE WORK by Stephen Pressfield


And that work is definitely to be done! I'd start now, but I'm still unpacking - not procrastinating. Honest! But sooooooon!

And there is work to be done. Two new short film projects I might be being commissioned to write for Darwin Reina.... more news on that soon... and of course my feature EIBON HEIGHTS, which needs redusting off and reworking for submission. And a short film edit.

Anyway, I can hear the van arriving now. Soon I will be in the midst of confusing assembly instructions and looking for my IKEA tool. IKEA tool





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