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Still alive and well?

Hi - this is your absentee creative, back from the presumed-dead. I am very much alive, although very much still in work hell. It's a long story, but essentially to make up for a very slow year last year, we agreed to work ourselves into a potential breakdown in order to guarantee this year was profitable. But it comes at a cost. Such is the crazy world of working in my industry. We work while we can, as much as we can, to invoice as much as we can. But I think that the crazy late nights, every night and working weekends, every weekend, are now at an end. I even enjoyed an actual weekend this weekend! And I've planned a long summer break of creativity.

Soon I can return to editing the Vlogs, [potentially ignoring] this blog, and picking up my dusty film script to resume editing it / polishing it for circulation and submission, and releasing that damn short story already.

Elsewhere in my world... I feel a list coming on:

  • I've been working on a video ident for a musician friend, which gives me the opportunity to spend whatever free half hour I have (yes really, that little time free) to work on it - and hope to share it soon It's 15 seconds of After Effects motion graphic 80s video tape inspired goodness. We're just waiting for the key ingredient, the music, to be added to it before sharing it. - This task was to force me to dust off old and unused skills and see if I can still fumble my way around After Effects, since it's been updated. I can indeed! But I know I have much to relearn.
  • A script I wrote for Darwin Reina, is being filmed in Barcelona in July and has been adapted into Spanish. Yes this is dejavu, the production date changed, but it should be going ahead this time - DON'T FORGET TO BREATHE.
  • I'm about to release my 40th Vlog. Yes in one week I will have been vlogging for a whole year. And I will soon share my thoughts on the medium and what I've learned from doing it. I know they're just a bit of fun, but I feel good having created 40-somethings that would never have existed, had I never filmed them or done anything with the footage. One thing I can share now, they've been a great excuse to force me to ignore or suppress my grief, to get up and go out and experience life rather than lie in bed sulking, to try and capture a snapshot of it and bring it to life in some form for others to share. And I feel that I'm only getting started. If you want to check them out, you can find them here: VLOG PLAYLIST
  • I've been scripting constantly for work for 5 months - so I know I can deliver, come rain or shine, even when I feel like doing anything but, and more especially even if I can't share them with anyone due to non-disclosures.
  • I've done more real estate transactions than I would care to ever do again, all at the same time, to try and simplify my life! Yes that's not a typo. And in 3 weeks I will soon have a new home, with a proper writing studio again!

Anyway, enough of that. There'll be a real post soon... Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Yes Sir!!! We gottaa do it!!! nice blog man!!! you always on top with those words!!! Boss!!!

  2. Thanks Darwin, your support means a lot 🙂

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