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Very Short Stories

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Flasher than flash fiction – I never thought it was possible to write a story in the limited number of characters that one Twitter post allows you; that is until I finally decided to try Twitter and then stumbled across Sean Hill’s Twitter Profile Very Short Stories aka

R.I.P Dan O’Bannon!

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Dan O’Bannon – ALIEN scribe is dead.  The World should definitely mourn the loss of one artist. Until I started teaching myself about screenwriting, he was just a name on a poster. I mean I didn’t even really realise that people wrote screenplays; before I was first told that in order to make a film I needed a screenplay. I… Read more »

Dexter Series 4 FAIL!

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DEXTER SERIES 4 – the plot twist in the finale – is an epic FAIL! It does’t work and is so flawed with logic holes. It just feels shoehorned onto the end and totally ruins the otherwise perfect denouement. I won’t debate it here, in case people haven’t yet seen it. But right now I am livid! Grrrr! It is… Read more »

110 days and counting…

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Have you signed up for Script Frenzy? Yes that’s right, I’ve barely finished Nanowrimo and now I have signed up for Script Frenzy and I am considering attempting writing 100 pages in 30 days. I already have three scripts competing for my loving attention during that month; jostling for first place. I must be mad! I know I’m not drunk…… Read more »

New kid on the block – ADOBE STORY

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I’ve just been reading about the new offering from Adobe – ‘Story’ – designed to enable Adobe to encroach on the world of writing applications. You can create Screenplays, Novels, TV Commercials etc, complete with Character Bios, Loglines and genre info etc as very starched and sterile looking ‘projects’. You can import from packages such as MS Word, as well… Read more »

The Hack and his Hacintosh

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The Hacintosh has landed – and is working perfectly, thank you very much.  The only thing different from that pictured is that when operational mine runs Snow Leopard 10.6.2 – the Mac OS. It hasn’t been the easiest customisation and it is not complete. It took days of a very talented friend’s IT skills to negotiate the dodgy instructions previously… Read more »

LAST NITE IN SODOM – 1st Draft complete

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Yes I completed the first draft of my nanowrimo novel yesterday – 56,103 words in 30 days! Unfortunately I was distracted by work stuff and the fact that I hadn’t slept in two days and missed my chance to bump up my final official word count, before they locked the servers. Oh well… at least I know I not only… Read more »

52k and still going

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Yes, for me Nanowrimo should be over. After all, I completed the 50k challenge days ago. However, despite [insane] work demands I have managed to knock out 2,000 words more. The only problem is that I still have a few words (2.5k at least) to knock out before I can consider this rough and ropey 1st draft complete. Apparently you… Read more »