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Very Short Stories

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Flasher than flash fiction – I never thought it was possible to write a story in the limited number of characters that one Twitter post allows you; that is until I finally decided to try Twitter and then stumbled across Sean Hill’s Twitter Profile Very Short Stories aka

New kid on the block – ADOBE STORY

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I’ve just been reading about the new offering from Adobe – ‘Story’ – designed to enable Adobe to encroach on the world of writing applications. You can create Screenplays, Novels, TV Commercials etc, complete with Character Bios, Loglines and genre info etc as very starched and sterile looking ‘projects’. You can import from packages such as MS Word, as well… Read more »

The Hack and his Hacintosh

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The Hacintosh has landed – and is working perfectly, thank you very much.  The only thing different from that pictured is that when operational mine runs Snow Leopard 10.6.2 – the Mac OS. It hasn’t been the easiest customisation and it is not complete. It took days of a very talented friend’s IT skills to negotiate the dodgy instructions previously… Read more »

New ways of working – what tools do you use?

I am currently taking a small break from writing a new short story – a slaughterhouse tale – one that is definitely stretching me in unexpected ways, due to the amount of research I am needing to do, and the restructuring that I need to do to the plot to make it work for me. As a result I am… Read more »

Script submission resource – Hollywood Script Express

For when you don’t live in Hollywood but really need to get a printed script to someone: Hollywood Script Express Hollywood Script Express is a premium Screenplay Printing & Shipping service that makes sending your script to agents, managers & contests simple, especially for Overseas and Out-of-State Screenwriters. The Website claims – “Upload Script – Print and Bind – Ship… Read more »

That first page – How to combat script readers with ADD

Hal Croassum ( has written a brilliant and thought-provoking article that potentially explodes the old myth than you need to grab the Script Readers attention in your first ten or twenty pages. After conversations with many producers he believes that it is the very first page which is key! Read the article The article contains some great writing examples too…. Read more »