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Life After Nanowrimo – what now?

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So I finished Nanowrimo, and then like the survivors of great battles and those that complete marathon races, I had a very bad case of fatigue and I was overcome with a serious case of ‘What the f$%k do I do now?’   I made sure of course that I backed up all of my files; multiple times (in Drop… Read more »

Transcoding DSLR footage and Radial Dolly

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Great article video on using FCP Studio’s Compressor app to Transcode footage for your editing workflow. Obviously the same principles apply to working with iPhone 4 footage etc. The article: – and check out all the other articles on the site. There’s some really useful material on there. The video: Here’s a great example of what can be shot… Read more »

Of iPhone 4 film shoots and more

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Yes, I’ve been a busy film geek of late. Not only have we attempted to shoot a short film entirely on the iPhone 4, but I’ve been getting to grips with FCP Studio and learning how to edit the footage; as I am sick of trying to do it in the totally unintuitive and limited iMovie 09 or iMovie app…. Read more »

iPhone 4 filming

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So a while back I got hold of an iPhone 4 deliberately to play with its HD filming capabilities; because I was dismayed at the utter lack of filming over the last 15 months of hell in my old job and also wanted to negate any excuses that I might have for the future: such as, I haven’t time to… Read more »

Adobe Production suite incorporates STORY into its workflow

Adobe have finally released STORY – a collaborative tool for writing scripts and screenplays that is part of the new CS Live online services. Check out the promotional video, that explains how STORY fully integrates into the entire production process, but beware the annoying NVidea Advert that you can’t opt out of: – I suggest you turn the sound… Read more »

14 FREE & 14 paid FCP tools – for the FCP editor

After a week in the sun I am back and ready to resume posting activities. And thanks to the Edit Blog – I’ve just learned about some good new tools that I think fellow FCP editors may be interested in. But rather than rehash the two excellent articles, I’ve posted the original links below. As any good editor knows, you… Read more »

Free Final Cut Pro plugins

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I just thought I would stop by and share a couple of links for free Final Cut Pro plugins… – The Too Much Too Soon Free Plugins for Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express – from Alex Gollner’s editing and media blog – with some nice tutorials Enjoy!