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2015 – my creative resolutions and goals

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As previously mentioned, in my last post, I was quite chuffed with the results of my efforts trying to keep up with my resolutions and goals for 2014; despite a challenging day job and the fact that I had to put some creative goals on hold in order to fulfil my non-creative life goals (such as relocating to a new country)…. Read more »

Obligatory end of year post [WARNING – may contain nuts!]

Feeling enthusiastic about the coming year? I am. Very much so. I don’t mean to sound smug, but unlike the previous [bleak] most recent years 2014 was a productive year for me. I stuck to my goals and completed all but 2 of them; including relocating to Sweden to continue to pursue my happiness, giving up a perfectly good job,… Read more »

Life After Nanowrimo – what now?

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So I finished Nanowrimo, and then like the survivors of great battles and those that complete marathon races, I had a very bad case of fatigue and I was overcome with a serious case of ‘What the f$%k do I do now?’   I made sure of course that I backed up all of my files; multiple times (in Drop… Read more »

50K Nanowrimo2014 target achieved – what Next?

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So – as of yesterday at 11:11pm I managed to hit my #nanowrimo2014 of 50,000 words just half way through the month! This has never happened to me before – considering the last time I did Nanowrimo I did exceed my target, but with only a few days to spare.   I was both ecstatic when it happened, but also… Read more »

Nanowrimo 2014 needs you!

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Hey you! yes you! [leans closer and tries to appear less-creepy] You look rather lovely. [Cue beaming ingratiating smile] Mind if I tell you about Nanowrimo and why you should be taking part this year???? No? Cool. Let me begin: What is this Nanowrimo that you speak of? – National Novel Writing Month. It’s a competition to write a novel… Read more »

New online writing tool: Novlr

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With Nanowrimo coming up – I thought it prudent to mention a new writing tool I’ve just become aware of: NOVLR. It’s a new free online novel writing tool, currently in need of beta testers. Fancy a go? check out: Not tried it myself, as I’m still deliciously wed to Scrivener (and also currently evaluating IAWriter – for use… Read more »

JUGGERNAUT – A novel by Adam Baker – review

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I first became aware of Adam Baker’s writing when searching from some holiday reading. Shopping sites remember our preferences, and sometimes they’re even correct – sometimes – and this time when searching for post apocalyptic pandemic / zombie fiction it presented OUTPOST to me. At the time of purchase there were only a few reviews. Although the reviewers were divided,… Read more »

LAST NITE IN SODOM – 1st Draft complete

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Yes I completed the first draft of my nanowrimo novel yesterday – 56,103 words in 30 days! Unfortunately I was distracted by work stuff and the fact that I hadn’t slept in two days and missed my chance to bump up my final official word count, before they locked the servers. Oh well… at least I know I not only… Read more »

52k and still going

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Yes, for me Nanowrimo should be over. After all, I completed the 50k challenge days ago. However, despite [insane] work demands I have managed to knock out 2,000 words more. The only problem is that I still have a few words (2.5k at least) to knock out before I can consider this rough and ropey 1st draft complete. Apparently you… Read more »