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50K Nanowrimo2014 target achieved – what Next?

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So – as of yesterday at 11:11pm I managed to hit my #nanowrimo2014 of 50,000 words just half way through the month! This has never happened to me before – considering the last time I did Nanowrimo I did exceed my target, but with only a few days to spare.   I was both ecstatic when it happened, but also… Read more »

JUGGERNAUT – A novel by Adam Baker – review

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I first became aware of Adam Baker’s writing when searching from some holiday reading. Shopping sites remember our preferences, and sometimes they’re even correct – sometimes – and this time when searching for post apocalyptic pandemic / zombie fiction it presented OUTPOST to me. At the time of purchase there were only a few reviews. Although the reviewers were divided,… Read more »

Of iPhone 4 film shoots and more

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Yes, I’ve been a busy film geek of late. Not only have we attempted to shoot a short film entirely on the iPhone 4, but I’ve been getting to grips with FCP Studio and learning how to edit the footage; as I am sick of trying to do it in the totally unintuitive and limited iMovie 09 or iMovie app…. Read more »

AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS on hold, but script available

Guillermo Del Toro’s adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS is still a no-go project sadly. Despite it being the first on his list to do after HELLBOY 2 as stated back in 2007. Madness is a short novel about an Antarctic expedition made by scholars from Miskatonic University who discover strange, ancient life forms that are unknown… Read more »


Funnily enough, while lazily going through all of my RSS feeds and catching up on neglected blog articles, I found out that I’m already subscribed to one blog that is linked with THE COLLECTOR: “THE INSIDE PITCH – A Hollywood executive discusses screenwriting.” – Written by Christopher Lockhart. It seems that Christopher, besides writing an excellent blog on the Screenwriting… Read more »

Breaking in – The COLLECTOR

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SAW 3, 4 and 5 creators have a new film coming out – THE COLLECTOR – which looks amazing. And well worth a view, in an otherwise Horror bereft cinema schedule. Check out the clip on the HORROR CHANNEL. Or go to the official website and watch the atmospheric trailer. “For handyman and ex-con, Arkin, a quiet home and a… Read more »

Script Frenzy is over – 101 pages in 28 days

Hi folks! I’m back! I survived Script Frenzy! It’s been a crazy month, but I am very much still around. Yes, I’ve been bad and haven’t updated much lately. However there is a good reason for it, besides dealing with the death of a friend and trying to get through Script Frenzy. I have been in the process of swapping… Read more »