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2015 – my creative resolutions and goals

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As previously mentioned, in my last post, I was quite chuffed with the results of my efforts trying to keep up with my resolutions and goals for 2014; despite a challenging day job and the fact that I had to put some creative goals on hold in order to fulfil my non-creative life goals (such as relocating to a new country)…. Read more »

New online writing tool: Novlr

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With Nanowrimo coming up – I thought it prudent to mention a new writing tool I’ve just become aware of: NOVLR. It’s a new free online novel writing tool, currently in need of beta testers. Fancy a go? check out: Not tried it myself, as I’m still deliciously wed to Scrivener (and also currently evaluating IAWriter – for use… Read more »

Production plan for Open Movie VFX film using Blender

Production plan for Open Movie VFX film using Blender: This video – Open VFX Movies – has a very interesting take on using Blender (the open source 3D programme) as part of your production workflow for VFX films) Screenplay (CELTX) Concept Art (Krita and the GIMP) Storyboarding (CELTX Animatic (Video Sequence Editor in Blender) and Crappymatic (Animation with animated characters) Shooting (prepare… Read more »

Customise a link to your Facebook profile

Great Article from Chris Jones (Producer / Director and Author of the excellent The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook book series) – here on how to customise your Facebook profile to aid your social media marketing efforts and help promote your projects: How To Customise Your Facebook URL For You and Your Film

VSS update

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Hi All, I am still alive. I’ve just been through hell and back. In that time I have been doing a little writing – I’ve just been lazy with the blog. Apologies. Anyway, here’s a selection of my VSS – HERE – 81 added to it, since I last updated. I hope you’ve all had a much gentler and far more… Read more »

CELTX goes mobile with CELTX Script for iPhone and iPad

Apologies people, I know I’ve been bad and not posting of late. Hit by the bleak and distracted by life. But I’m back now. Recently I treated myself to an iPhone 4 – after my old work took back the old iPhone 3 and it’s a whole new world of apps! Finally the iPhone, despite its flaws, has matured into… Read more »